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The Network have re-vamped their site

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I think it’s funny that, up to now, I only read on a UK site (thanks to a totaljobs press release on onrec) that The Network have re-launched their portal. What about the other members? Are they not keen on promoting this?

The whole group has even been provided with a new URL: www.the-network.com, which is better memorable and better suited than the old one that carries the word “European” in it despite the fact that the network has been operating far beyond those frontiers for quite some time already – by the way, I recommend re-directing the old URL towards the new one…

The new site is good. It has an extensive news section, in which press releases from all their partners are posted. That’s a great source of information for me and other people interested in international online recruitment. Thanks for offering these news via RSS! Apart from that, recruiters have the possibility to publish jobs via an online multi posting tool.

And, last but not least, there is a “latest jobs” section directly on the Homepage. I wonder if clients have to pay extra money to see their vacancies displayed on the network board. If so, I would not understand why. The Network’s portal is, in my opinion, relevant for companies that are hiring staff on an international level.

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  • Hello,
    I am the person in charge of the new Network Website. http://www.the-network.com.
    I am happy that you found the site “good”.
    I just want to contribute to your blog and answer some of your point :
    “What about the other members? Are they not keen on promoting this?” : For sure other partner will promote the new website but they will do it in their local language, so maybe you won’t not see it.
    As Onrec is a UK website, Totaljobs is promoting the New Network website in UK ;-)

    For the redirection of URL it is just a matter of time with the DNS update.

    “to publish jobs via an online multi posting tool.” : It is not exact. You can Post your job online on the Website thank to the Online Ordering
    the Multiposting Tool is a solution for client- Once you are a client of The Network we can set up an account in the multiposting tool in order to give you the opportunity to post your jobs offer in several countries at the same time.
    The Multiposting tool is useful when the client post at least 50 jobs/year.

    “I wonder if clients have to pay extra money” : no client don’t pay an extra to be display on the Network site, it is just a way to show to customer the opportunity to post job abroad.

    The site is exactly for what you said: “relevant for companies that are hiring staff on an international level.” .
    We want to show them that it is not more complicated to recruit abroad than in his home country, also because the Network offer you to do it so with you home country contact ;-) totaljobs for UK clients, Keljob for French Clients, Hotjobs for US clients, StepStone for German or Belgium clients etc …..

    Thank you for your support – Ludivine RENAULT

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