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If you were ever wondering what the former Monster founder was doing, you will find this slightly amusing (or worrying…?): founder Jeff Taylor helped you find a job, and helped ease you into middle age. Now he wants to help you build the last web page you’ll ever need. is scheduled for a soft launch in June. It aims to provide a central location to house online memorials for those who have passed on. It’s starting with $4.3 million in funding, with The Wall Street Journal as a lead investor.

Taylor, who retired from in 2005, says Monster was intended to take the jobs section of newspaper’s classified ads online. So online obituaries seemed like an inevitable next step.

What more is there to come? So even when you are dead, you will be able to have an online identity with people expressing their condolences (or their nasty comments, who knows?). I don’t like this kind of money making with the dead. Come on, let them rest in Peace!

Jeff Taylor’s new site is called Tributes. My colleague Tim coined a superbe nickname for Taylor’s new project: The MonsterMorgue. Hilarious! I owe you a beer for that, Tim 😉

(via: Recruiters Network)

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