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Frankfurt on the Main Skyline © David Mark from Pixabay


Numerous HR Tech businesses have eyed the German market – for a very good reason.

The advantages of setting up your company in Germany are clear:

  • it is the number 1 European country in terms of gross domestic product
  • and ranks on 4th place internationally

Doing business in Germany is attractive, especially for HR Tech firms.

However, getting your foot in the door and become business-relevant, is far from being easy.


You will need to get it right from the start


View on Munich Pic © Danijel Cvitkusic on Pixabay

View on Munich Pic © Danijel Cvitkusic on Pixabay


Launching an English-speaking website or having prepared an English demo version of your product will not be sufficient.

The common corporate language in Germany is German.

Pic © ndemello on Pixabay

Pic © ndemello on Pixabay

If you do not provide relevant client information in this language, you will fail.

You will definitely need German native speakers in your team at launch.


Apart from that, you have exclusively ONE thing to do:

Get EVERYTHING right from the start.

There will not be a second chance.

The first impression is the only one you have.


You better make it a good and memorable one!


Selling advanced, complex HR Tech products to German recruiters via cold-calling Pic © Firmbee on Pixabay

Selling complex HR Tech products to German recruiters Pic © Firmbee on Pixabay

Last but not least, marketing and selling an advanced HR Tech product to German recruiters is a tough mission.

Usually, German recruiters “smell” a sales person from more than a mile – and most of them prove to be quite tech-progress-resistant.

In 2004, I convinced German recruiters to buy online job ads when newspaper job advertising was still the major recruitment channel, and I did from an agency based in Lyon, France.

Usually, German companies prefer doing business with other German entities but I convinced them anyway – by cold-calling them.

Since then, I have been able to win many loyal customers (some of them are still my clients today!).

This experience has taught me a lot when it comes to formulating sales and marketing messages.


Why work with me


As a native German, fluently proficient in German (mother tongue), English and French, I have been marketing and selling complex HR Tech products to German recruiters since 2004 – out of France.

Eva Zils as MC at the HR Hackathon Pic © Oscar Mager

Eva Zils as MC at the HR Hackathon Pic © Oscar Mager

Winning loyal new customers by selling them online recruitment solutions way ahead of their times, I have always known how to convince German recruiters to adopt new technology in their recruitment strategy.


  • cold calling
  • email
  • social media and inbound marketing
  • national and international speaking engagements and
  • showcasing HR Tech brands,

I know how to set the stage and tone to place and sell your product at the perfect moment to your dream customer.

My creativity in the sales approach, the desire to try out new ways of marketing and selling as well as the market expertise and passion for the products I sell, lead me to be always a step ahead of the competition.

As an internationally recognised online recruitment critic, one of the TA Tech Top 100 most influential Thought Leaders and the Founder of the HR Hackathon, my global industry network boasts of more than 18,000 contacts.

My clients benefit from my large industry network and from the synergies that result from it.


Hire me to get your HR Tech business up and running in Germany:


My work experience combines skills of an entire local team

Get your market entry right from the start

Hire me to get your HR Tech business up and running in Germany

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What I can do for you


Services can include:

  • localise your product for the German market
  • market research & competitor analysis
  • support in localising marketing and sales messages

Business Development

Services can include:

  • cold-calling or other sales approaches
  • hire and train more salespeople
  • live demos

Visibility & Awareness

Services can include:

  • content creation
  • content sharing
  • press relations


Especially for you:

  • will not accept ANY advertising or porposal from (potential) competitors during contract period
  • exclusiveness in your market segment
  • represent your brand and product placement in my video shows (and beyond: optional)

What can I do for you?

Here are the different options I propose:

Package contents


Each package has a minimum contract period of 6 consecutive months.

This period includes a comprehensive introduction in your product and regular updates from the client’s side.

Package prices start from 3,500 € per month exclusive of VAT, commission on invoiced turnover as well as eventual travel expenses and additional material or tools costs.

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