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I came across Leisurejobs because I found this very amusing press release on onrec a few days ago: In a survey carried out nationally, they found out that the gym was the number one location for Desperate Housewives and

revealed that personal trainers (42%) and tennis coaches (30%) were the hottest targets of desperate housewives leaving yoga teachers (2%), golf coaches (1%) and spinner instructors (1%) hanging out to dry.

So if you were thinking about spicing up your sex professional life, why not start a career as a tennis coach?

leisurejobs-screen.jpgThe job board itself displays a rather boring design (click on the thumbnail for a full view). I would have expected some more graphical elements to provide the site with a more dynamic and lively feel. Come on, this is a board for leisure staff. Apart from that, the somewhat 2,500 vacancies are generated by about 20 different companies.

One very good point is the (unfortunately very well hidden) career zone, in which professionals give candidates advice on application and recruiting processes for specific industries. This section should be emphasised more clearly because this is one of the key elements to attract and retain users.

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