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Some more Photographs from the Show in Cologne

After the Aktor stand photos it’s time to present the 5 most important job sites’ booths. Apparently, the paint of the year was white. Only Monster and showed their real, bright and fancy colours.

Please have a look at the pictures and click on them to view their full size.

    Their stand motto was, according to their event-planner, the German word “Durchblick“, meaning view or perspective. Look at the little holes in their walls. Figuratively speaking, there is the expression “den Durchblick haben“, which could be translated as (at least my online dictionary says so) “to be in the know”. Well, I hope that Monster Germany remains in the know (behält den Durchblick) in the future because nobody seems to know anything about their European strategy…

    stand-monster.jpg     stand-monster2.jpg

    Well, it’s white, but at least they had ice cream to offer :-)
  • Jobware
    Look at this, they have a white stand, too! And they have ice cream! But their ice cream was served and handled with special care. Hm, I’m still contemplating whether I’m going to publish the little video Mr. Rust took of me when I was at the ice stand… (I did! Watch it here) By the way, that’s him in the second picture.
    stand-jobware.jpg     stand-jobware2.jpg
    Another white stand but I very much liked the pictures on their walls. At the end of the first day they made a raffle and gave away an IPod. Unfortunately I didn’t win. And they served the typical Cologne beer, Kölsch.
    stand-stellenanzeigen.jpg     stand-stellenanzeigen2.jpg
  • Jobscout24
    Wow, that’s a flashy one! But what I liked even more were the funny badges that everybody wore: they all bore “-35%”, the rest was too small to decipher at first go (and I did not want to keep my eyes stuck on their chest for too long). Well, that’s just great: go on a trade fair and the first thing you do is devaluate your product. Funny guys, almost as funny as their life-size Scouty that haunted the exhibition hall. See the Scouty in the second picture.
    stand-jobscout24.jpg     jobscout-scouty.jpg

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