[Important Update] – The list below is outdated, and there are many more new players in the Netherlands. My new market report on job sites in this country is out now (2014). Get your copy right here and stay ahead of your competition.

I found this very interesting post on HRlog.nl this morning. Michel Rijnders lists the Top 40 Dutch job boards for the first 2008 term. Michel’s results reflect most of our own statistical findings on individal job posting traffic numbers. So the data appear reliable. The figures in brackets represent last time’s positions:

  1. (1) monsterboard.nl (the international number one)
  2. (2) nationalevacaturebank.nl (the local number one; VNU Publications)
  3. (3) intermediair.nl (VNU Publication involved as well)
  4. (4) totaljobs.nl does not exist anymore
  5. (9) jobbingmall.nl (nowadays Careerbuilder)
  6. for an updated list of the Top 5 containing useful recommendations, order your copy of my latest job board report for the Netherlands

Of course, I have also listed them and other sites in the respective job board link section.

Updates to this post include: