The former director of Group Tests’ online classifieds department and President of the French APPEI has joined StepStone France

StepStone France is really entering the French job board battle field. After having acquired the niche site Sourcea last december in order to strengthen their position on this highly interesting market, StepStone now announces the nomination of Valérie Vaillant as General Manager

Vaillant has been the former director of Group Tests’ online classified department (and Group Test is one of the major partners of cadresonline, which has been bought by Adenclassifieds at the beginning of January 2008) and is the President of the APPEI (French Association of Professionals in the online recruitment industry – in a way comparable with the IAEWS).

Who will win this battle? Adenclassifieds? Careerbuilder France? StepStone? And what about Monster? There are not many news about them over here. One thing is certain: At the moment, StepStone has very good partner site(s) in France: and cadremploi (thanks to both keljob’s and cadremploi’s membership in Adenclassifieds) and cannot really offer an interesting StepStone-only solution for online recruitments (apart from their IT solutions, of course). Given the emerging French job board “war”, I tend to think that the partnerships with the two portals will come to an end sooner or later.

So it is time for StepStone to act and to gain their own foothold on the scene. Having appointed Vaillant seems to me a very reasonable and logic decision. Let’s hope for them it’s not too late.